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Read some of our success stories from clients who have trained with Old Bull Athletics. Our clients have been nothing but pleased with the results from their training.

“Train wise, be strong”

Old Bull Athletics was born from a desire to guide our clients to optimal results in sport, fitness, and beyond.  We specialize in functional training as it relates to “real life” – while achieving next-level, game-changing, pain-free results.

Our company is based in Miami, Florida.  No time to travel?  No problem – we can come to your home, office, or personal facility!

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Frankie Telfort

Frankie Telfort

Owner | Personal Trainer

“Whatever you believe you can or can’t do, you are undoubtedly correct."

Frankie specializes in functional, compound, and whole body integrative movement; speed, agility, and quickness training; high intensity core and circuit training; strength, balance, and stability. He holds certifications with StrongFirst Kettlebells Level 1 and 2, Institute of Motion Mentorship 1 and 2, Precision Nutrition, VIPR, and FMS as well as Pre/Post natal training.

As a coach, Frankie continues to assist young student-athletes as the Defensive Coordinator for Gulliver Preparatory High School, where he serves as a mentor and helps prepare student-athletes for a successful career in collegiate athletics.

Monica Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez

Personal Trainer

“Restore, Strengthen, Renew"

As a certified personal trainer and wellness coach, Monica draws from her experience in bodyweight movement in the grappling sports, yoga, and martial arts. She has been coaching students and clients since 2005, became a certified yoga instructor in 2010, and has earned certifications including Precision Nutrition Level 1, StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1, Olympic Lifting (USAW), FMS, ViPR, Pre/Post Natal, and Animal Flow, to name a few.

Monica’s holistic approach examines the interplay of movement, nutrition, and recovery to achieve optimal results in the training room, and in every day life. While paying attention to each client’s needs she focuses on addressing imbalances and areas of weakness, building strength, and getting results. Goals are accomplished through varying intensities of circuit training, strength cycles, and exercises that emphasize full range of movement in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Maurice Whitley

Maurice Whitley

Athletic Trainer

Reese holds a Masters of Science degree in Athletic Training from Florida International University. He also is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer. As an athletic trainer he was exposed to various fields within the sports medicine field to which he attained mentorship as well as certifications in order to expand his craft. He worked in many settings like the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts, Nascar, The Miami Marathon, FHSAA, as well as Physical Therapy clinics and performance gyms. This allowed for him to see a different light to apply to not only training but rehabilitation and recovery as well! Reese is also the Strength and Conditioning coach at Doral Academy where he takes pride in teaching the athletes the proper way to lift and has begun to prepare their bodies for the tasks to which they will see both on and off the field/court.

Reese is passionate about his craft and values continuing education from all angles to produce fully functional, pain free individuals that exceed expectations and go beyond any limitation given. This stems from the grind of being a collegiate basketball player and having the understanding of what it means to push yourself beyond measure both physically and mentally. This allowed for him to find his passion within the sports medicine field giving the same opportunity to develop ones self to the active individual. Due to his extensive background, as seen before, he is versed in performance training, strength training, rehabilitation of injured areas, as well as recovery of the active individual.

Reese believes in building a functional foundation for the client to which they build upon and see the best results. All programs that are created are client based and are specific to the needs of the person whether it be training or rehabilitation.

Reese is well involved within the community. He has led mission trips to Malawi, Africa, assisted with outreach projects through the “I Love My City” projects through VOUS Church, as well as mentorships with younger individuals.