One of the most important aspects of overall wellness provided is recovery. This allows for the body to repair what was broken down from high intensity competition, strenuous training  or activities of daily living.

Old Bull Athletics we provide high quality manual therapy treatments such as soft tissue therapy (massage), deep muscle stimulation, cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, athlete, or a dedicated student of strength we have the tools to promote recovery both swiftly and efficiently.


Provided by certified and licensed rehabilitation specialists, our therapists and trainers construct programming taken from various sports medicine disciplines to offer first class care. Our purpose is to help you recover at the most efficient rate, whether it be from an acute to a chronic injury.

We believe in approaching each client in a holistic way- considering rest, activity, and the actual cause of the dysfunction to cater  rehabilitation programming specifically towards you.  Our purpose is for you to return to sport and life stronger, pain free, and more efficient than before.