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Working with Frankie at Old Bull Athletics, we learned the importance of stretching and recovery. Recovery has helped us so much in terms of keeping our endurance.

Ever had a question about whether taking a physical therapy is the right decision? Watch how embracing physical therapy became a life-changing decision.

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  • 5 star rating

    Have you ever been put in a position, where your body needed to perform but your body refused? Old bull saved my back in record time. They legit work magic there, i went from 2 straight weeks of back pains and spasms to being able to snowboard 8 hour days in no time. The staff is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but they're awesome down to earth people who will get to the root of the issue then get your body back to optimal function. They'll even prescribe some exercises to make sure your body is ready for whatever you throw at it, ultimately strengthening your area of concern in the process. Your weaknesses become your strengths at Old Bull Athletics. Ask for Katie Dabrowski!


    I always look forward to my weekly training sessions with Katie at Old Bull. Since working with her I’ve gotten stronger, more defined and more confident. The facility is great, always clean and never over crowded. I love that they provide physical therapy, as the focus on form and stretching means my workout is safe on my body. I highly recommend both Katie and Old Bull!


    Old bull athletics goes above and beyond in helping you get back to where you were pre-injury. I’ve been working with Hannah and would recommend her to anyone dealing with injury that they’re trying to overcome.

    Their trainers for therapy are also doctors so they come with extensive knowledge about the body.

  • I was hesitant to get a personal trainer because I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to get the results I wanted but I am so glad I did! Working with Katie changed my relationship with my body and with working out in general. I used to think that “not being able to move (insert muscle group here)” was a sign of a good workout but all the workouts she planned for me were challenging while still being manageable and focused on quality rather than quantity. I’ve seen a shift in what I’ve been able to do from week to week and I know it’s because Katie has been scaffolding me. Now I can do real push ups! Can’t say enough good things, she’s professional, the facilities are clean and have everything you would need for a great workout and everyone’s very nice. Would recommend 10/10


    I’ve been seeing Katie Dabrowski at Old Bull for about a year on and off for a number of reasons — strengthening, injury, and mobility. In addition to the fact that she’s extremely personable and gentle, Katie takes the time to explain everything she’s doing during the sessions and why, which is great because you also learn in the process and can apply the information to your own home recovery/training. The facility itself is gorgeous and has a really positive energy to it. Couldn’t recommend Old Bull and Katie enough!


    I’ve had the pleasure of consulting with Dr.Dabrowski on a number of nagging injuries from a long athletic careers as well as improving my weight lifting program. She has immense knowledge for all things physical, anatomical and if you are interested, neuroscience. The professionalism and results you experience here are second to none. Highly recommend coming to Old Bull Athletics!

  • I came for my first appointment today and was so impressed with the talent and knowledge among the physical therapists and trainers. I worked with Tim and I could tell he listened to me. He picked up that a minor injury was holding me back from my preferred exercise of yoga, so the goals, exercise and discussion were tailored to that. I really appreciated that level of knowledge and care.


    Excellent facilities. Clean & safe during COVID. Great location. Superstar Physical therapist. Highly recommend Old Bull.


    I look forward to my sessions with Katie every week! I’ve been working with her for the past few months and she has tremendously helped my injuries while teaching me amazing stretches and things to do at home to support the work she does with me at Old Bull. If you’re looking for a place where their staff is not only extremely knowledgeable and passionate but make you feel a part of a big family.. look NO further! 🙂


I wanted to thank you (again) for the wonderful training you gave my son. He is so happy to experience it and feel the difference! He already started soccer last week and it melted my heart when he told me with a big smile and bright eyes: “Mom, it works! What Frankie taught me really made me run faster”. Please receive a big thank you from us (your new fans 🙂 ).


Atlanta, Georgia

For the last few years, I’ve been on the journey of a lifetime on which I’ve lost about 300 pounds. I’ve been fortunate that Monica has been my trainer from the beginning, starting the point where I had literally never done any training before. I am forever grateful to her for her knowledge, her guidance and her patience. I can’t imagine anyone else who I would want to train with.

David Rice

Miami, Florida

“I’ve been training with Frankie and his team for more than 3 years now. After having two babies, I decided to start training with Frankie and it was a great decision. From the beginning the sessions were super challenging, but in a good way. I gained a real motivation to improve myself, and that translated into a deep sense of well-being. I was feeling happy with my body and also by the fact that I was getting stronger. As my babies grew up, I was still able to pick them up, play with them on the floor, running after them and never getting tired of that.

We always keep working on getting stronger and healthier, learning new skills each week and increasing weight and progression in the exercises, so we never reach a plateau: you’re always trying to reach a new goal. I only miss my sessions when I’m out of town; otherwise I’d always be there!”

Shirley Espert

Miami, Florida

I started training with Frankie while I was recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back. All those sessions with him have been the best medicine I found to recover and prevent my body from other injuries. Furthermore, Frankie has been an inspiring coach who guided me to live a healthier life, and who helped me being stronger and more connected with my body.

Martin Galarce

Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a program designed specifically for you, Reese is your man. He will work with your individual needs to help get you to where you want to be. In my third trimester of pregnancy I was faced with pubic symphysis dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain. Post partum I was left with limited mobility and barely walking. With Reese’s unparalleled attention to detail I was walking normally in no time, surprising even my specialist with my speed to recovery. Now he is focused on helping me rebuild my lost muscle mass. If you want the full package, he won’t disappoint.

Lauren Garrote

Miami, Florida