Private Training Sessions

We use tried-and-true strength training methodology, out-of-the-box mobility strategies, effective soft tissue reconditioning, and neuronal repatterning exercises to facilitate positive change. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy, who are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, prioritize avoiding injury, tune in to our clients’ personal goals, identify strategies to help them achieve success, and guide them to positive physical, mental, and behavioral changes. 

It’s our mission to help you achieve more than you thought possible. We use one-on-one strength training, guidance and recovery to make a customized plan for each client.

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation for all first time clients. Pricing for sessions following the consultation will be discussed during the eval.

Distance Coaching and Program Design

We offer online coaching and program design that is tailored to your needs and goals. Online/distance coaching includes a COMPLIMENTARY consultation and needs assessment, along with a plan of action.

Program Design will also include a COMPLIMENTARY consultation and assessment. Programs are created based on fitness goals and number of days you commit to train.  You will receive a new program each month, with regular follow up to ensure that the program is working for you.

Want to learn more about our in-person programs, distance coaching or world class consultation services? Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation today! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, want insider strength secrets or need feedback on your own progress we are ready to help and look forward to working with you!



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